29 June 2023

Is it true that meat should not be washed before being stored or processed? It Turns Out Like This Fact!

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – Washing meat before storing or consuming sounds like the right thing to do. What’s more, meat and uploads contain bacteria that are harmful if they enter the body.

However, it turns out that this action is actually unnecessary and even has the potential to cause harm.

In general, washing meat is a bad idea. Washing them will not kill all the bacteria, but it will increase the risk of spreading potentially harmful bacteria.

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Check out the full review here to learn more about why washing meat before preparing it is not recommended.

Should you wash meat before cooking?
Washing meat can transfer bacteria to cooking utensils or surfaces.
The United States Department of Agriculture, reported by Medical News Today, does not recommend washing meat or poultry before cooking it.

In general, washing is a preventive measure to remove bacteria. For example, it’s best to wash your hands regularly to remove bacteria that builds up throughout the day.

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This advice also applies to some foods, such as fresh produce. Foods such as fruit or vegetables may have dirt and bacteria on their surface. Running cold water over fresh produce will help wash it off, making the food ready to eat.

But this does not apply to meat.

There are two bacteria that commonly contaminate raw meat and poultry, namely Campylobacter and Salmonella.

Trying the meat can cause this bacteria to spread to other cooking utensils or surfaces.

Not only that, these bacteria can also be transferred to a person’s hands and clothes or come into contact with other foods.

It’s not always possible to tell when this cross-contamination has occurred, and it can be difficult to clean up. Cross contamination can cause bacteria to enter the body and cause illness, such as food poisoning.