29 June 2023

Rambutan Fruit Can Be a Natural Retinol Alternative for Sensitive Skin, Here’s the Explanation

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – Rambutan fruit is quite popular in Indonesia. How not, this seasonal fruit has such a sweet and fresh taste, so it’s no wonder it is a favorite of many people.

But, behind that, who would have thought that rambutan has benefits for the skin. Even as a natural retinol alternative for sensitive skin.

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Here are the benefits of rambutan as a natural retinol alternative for sensitive skin.

1. Benefits of rambutan as an alternative to natural retinol

Although not edible, rambutan skin is a powerful source of antioxidants, and because of this has long been used as a skin care ingredient.

In particular, the main benefits of rambutan include cell turnover, collagen stimulation, hydration and antioxidants. This fruit contains natural extracts that are used in skin care formulas to offer an alternative for those who are sensitive to retinol.

What makes rambutan unique is its anti-aging properties, generally the most effective but not harsh on the skin.

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2. The benefits of rambutan for the skin

Rambutan has several benefits for the skin, as follows:

* Rich in antioxidants

The skin, pulp, and seeds of rambutan are rich in antioxidant properties that work together to protect the skin from environmental stresses that cause signs of aging.

* Collagen production