25 July 2023

3 Recommended Child Development Clinics in Jabodetabek, Number 3 Will Open Many New Branches!

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – Finding a suitable growth and development clinic is sometimes a challenge for parents who have children with special needs or children who simply experience a slight developmental delay.

In the Jabodetabek area in particular, there are many growth and development clinics that provide evaluations of children’s growth and development and various therapies needed to support their development, both children with special needs and not.

However, choosing a growth and development clinic sometimes has to be adjusted to the needs of the child, the financial ability of the family, and the trustworthiness of the health workers working at the development clinic.

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The following are three recommendations for growth and development clinics in Jabodetabek with doctors, psychologists and therapists who are certified and already have several branches that are easy to access.

1. Pela 9

This growth and development clinic is a well-known clinic in the Jabodetabek area.

Reported by the website www.klinikpela9.com, Pela 9 was established in 2000 and was initiated by dr. Iramaswaty Kamarul, Sp.A (K), a pediatrician with a neurology sub-specialty.

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The purpose of establishing Pela 9 is specifically to help families with children who experience developmental delays or disorders.

In its daily activities, Pela 9 involves various pediatricians, child psychologists, child psychiatrists, and therapists who are certified and have experience in practice and education both at home and abroad.

To date, Pela 9 has served more than 10,000 patients with a total of 5,000 therapy sessions per month.

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Until now, Pela 9 Clinic has 3 branches, namely in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Tomang, Central Jakarta, and Bintaro, South Tangerang.