26 June 2023

How to Take Care of Roses So They Don’t Wither Easily, Follow the Steps Below

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – You have rose plants but are confused about the correct way to care for them so they don’t wilt easily.

Roses are one of the horticultural commodities which are a type of floriculture.

Roses are usually nicknamed the queen of all kinds of flowers because they are always referred to in poetry, art and literature.

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Not only that, this rose is also a symbol of love and beauty, fashion and perfume, and can be used as decoration.

Roses are liked or used a lot, therefore the price of this flower is quite expensive.

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Because in the care of these roses must require special care so that they are not easily withered or damaged.

The following is a way of caring for roses that must be done so that they stay healthy and don’t wilt easily.

1. Doing Sales in the Morning

If you want to keep mawae flowers so that they last longer, you need to pick them in the morning.

This is because if during the day the plant is carrying out a process called photosynthesis.