26 June 2023

5 Tips and Strategies to Help You Live Next to an HIV Positive Person

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – Everyone certainly wants to be protected from the virus that damages the immune system, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).

As is known, HIV can cause AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) and interfere with the body’s ability to fight infection.

Nevertheless, we also don’t need to avoid people who are positive for HIV, especially if they are family members.

Living with an HIV positive family member can provide you with many opportunities to support your loved ones.

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Despite popular misconceptions, HIV is not transmitted through biting food or drinking from the same cup, sneezing nearby, or hugging.

Launching Healthline, this virus is transmitted through blood and genital fluids, said Jon McGarry, MD, medical director of MISTR.

“It cannot be spread through casual contact with friends, family members or other roommates who are positive,” he said.

What’s more, only a person with a detectable viral load can transmit HIV. Current HIV drugs effectively suppress the virus, making it undetectable.

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“This means their risk of passing on the infection to a negative person is very, very low,” explains Jae Majors, LMSW, clinical supervisor and therapist at The Gender & Sexuality Therapy Center in New York City.

Therefore, there is no need to avoid excessively with people who are confirmed HIV positive.