26 June 2023

Important! 5 Risks of Rarely Bathing, Why People Are Lazy to Bathe and How Many Times to Bath a Day Is Good

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – This article will discuss the 5 risks of rarely bathing, and also reveal the reasons why people are lazy to take a bath, then how to take a proper bath, and how many times a day should you shower.

Make sure to read this article to the end to get complete information before deciding to bathe regularly or bathe according to your mood.

Bathing seems like a normal thing, just trivial, is that really the case. Don’t be, secretly people around you stay away from you because they feel uncomfortable around you who smells.

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It’s not just smell, rarely bathing or not maintaining personal hygiene can carry several health risks.

Here are some risks that may occur if someone rarely bathes:

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1. Skin infection

Irregular bathing can increase the risk of skin infections, including fungal, bacterial, and dermatitis infections. Bacteria and fungi can multiply on unclean skin, causing irritation and infection.

2. Body odor

Infrequent bathing can lead to accumulation of sweat, dirt and oil on the skin. This can cause unpleasant body odor.

3. Health problems on the skin

Skin that is not kept clean can experience problems such as pimples, blackheads, inflammation, and itching. Dirt and oil that builds up on the skin can clog pores and cause this problem.

4. Spread of disease