10 July 2023

Edwin van der Sar Reportedly Experiencing Brain Bleeding, Following Impacts and Ways to Reduce the Risk of Brain Bleeding

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – Former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar is reported to have a brain haemorrhage that requires intensive care.

A report regarding Edwin van der sar’s condition was conveyed by Ajax Amsterdam via an upload on the club’s Twitter account on Friday (7/7/2023) last night.

After retiring as a footballer, Edwin van der Sar served as CEO of Ajax Amsterdam until May 2023.

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“On Friday, Edwin van der Sar suffered bleeding around his brain. He is currently in hospital in the intensive care unit and is in stable condition,” the club wrote.

Ajax Amsterdam has not only once provided news regarding Edwin van der Sar’s condition.

In less than 24 hours, they returned to inform the public about the news of the former player and CEO.

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“Edwin van der Sar is still in intensive care. His condition is stable, but still concerning,” wrote Ajax Amsterdam.

“The Van der Sar family, along with Ajax, thank you and are deeply touched by the many messages of support,” read a statement on the post which was viewed by 2.3 million users in the space of four hours.

Reporting from the Cleveland Clinic page, the level of danger and consequences of brain bleeding depend on many aspects such as causes, age, to overall health considerations.

However, in general, any symptom and condition can pose a serious risk to your health.

Based on information from Medical News Today, the following effects can occur due to brain bleeding:

– Paralysis