26 June 2023

Women Must Know! It turns out that this is the cause of mood swings that often hit during PMS

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a condition experienced by some women before menstruation. One of the common symptoms that usually occurs when PMS is mood swings.

Mood swings PMS experienced by most women during PMS can sometimes interfere with daily activities.

Even for some women mood swings when PMS can also interfere with their relationships with those around them.

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On the other hand, a definite cause mood swings PMS is not fully understood, but several factors have been identified by experts and are believed to be the main causes mood swings on girls.

The following are some things that are believed to be the cause mood swings what happens to women during PMS.

1. There are hormonal changes that occur during PMS

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Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body will experience fluctuations during the menstrual cycle.

Several studies have also linked reduced levels of estrogen with mood swings what happens during PMS.

Thus these hormonal changes can then affect the neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for mood regulation.

So that mood swings also often appears and is experienced by most women during PMS.

2. There is a decrease in serotonin levels in the brain

Decreased levels of serotonin in the brain when PMS is affected by a decrease in the hormone estrogen.