26 June 2023

Apart from making the room cooler, this plant can grow taller and bigger! Anything?

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – If your house still looks ‘naked’, aka there are no ornaments that make your eyes cool, try occasionally placing plants in several corners of your house or yard. Some tropical plants can actually be planted in corners or yards.

However, you have to be careful because these tropical plants can grow tall and big. Therefore you must pay attention to what kind of tropical plants to buy.

However, if you have a house that is not too broad and also a yard that is not too big, you can still present a cool ‘small forest’ in your home.

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The point is, you have to determine what tree is suitable and good for you to put in the corner of your house.

If you feel confused, here are some recommendations in full.

  1. Ficus triangularis

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The plant is well known in Indonesia. Its feature is that this plant has triangular-shaped leaves, with ivory yellow sides. This plant comes from the Moraceae family which can be kept indoors and can grow quite tall. Quoted from the Gardening Chores page, this plant can grow up to 2.4 meters.

  1. Lady Palm or Palem Waregu

Lady palm is a plant that is in the high category when planted indoors. If not cut, this plant can reach the ceiling of your house. Because the height is estimated to reach 4.5 meters. It is characterized by its dark green, fan-shaped leaves and a beautiful arch on the small tree.

  1. Lemon Tree

It’s not impossible for you to choose a lemon tree with ripe fruit indoors. However, what you have to pay attention to is that this tree must have direct access to sunlight. Quoted from the Good Housekeeping page, lemon trees like a warm and humid atmosphere. Then, this tree also likes well-drained soil.

  1. Desert Rose

Desert rose is a flowering succulent that produces a colorful floral display when kept indoors and outdoors. If you want this plant to grow indoors, you have to make sure that the roots have enough space in the pot to spread. ()