26 June 2023

Tips for Caring for Aglonema Lipstick, The Blushing Beauty Everyone’s Favorite

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – There are various kinds of ornamental plants that can be used as decoration to beautify your home. Apart from being a means of washing your eyes, ornamental plants can make your mind calmer.

One of the ornamental plants that many plant lovers hunt is aglonema. Aglonema is an ornamental plant from the taro tribe or Araceae.

The name “Aglonema” itself is taken from the Greek words, namely “Aglo” which means ‘bright’ and “Nema” which means ‘thread’.

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Aglonema has many types, one of which is Aglonema lipstick. So named because this plant is famous for its beautiful and unique leaf color.

Aglonema lipstick leaves have a combination of two types of colors, namely green on the inside and pink (pink) on the outside.

There are several types of Aglonema lipstick that are popular with the public. Each type has a different price.

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But you don’t need to worry, the price of Aglonema lipstick seeds is cheap. Usually around IDR 20,000.

To be able to take good care of Aglonema lipstick, you need to know the tips. This is so that the plants do not die quickly and develop properly.

How to care for aglonema lipstick requires several steps so that it can thrive.

The way to care for aglonema lipstick is by adjusting the plant to several things such as light, water and temperature.

Furthermore, here are some factors that need to be considered when caring for aglonema lipstick.

1. Light