26 June 2023

7 Recommendations for Fast Harvesting Hydroponic Plants

By Patty


Bonsernews.com – Hydroponic plants are increasingly in demand because they are easy to grow and do not require large areas of land.

The results of hydroponic plants also have the same quality as conventionally grown plants. In addition, hydroponic plants also harvest relatively quickly.

For those of you who have a hobby of farming, but live in urban areas with limited land, fast-harvesting hydroponic plants are the right choice.

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Here are seven recommendations for quick-harvest hydroponic plants.

1. Lettuce
Lettuce is a type of vegetable that is popular with Indonesian people. Usually lettuce is used as fresh vegetables or sautéed.

Growing lettuce in a hydroponic way is quite easy and requires a relatively short time, which is around 35-40 days.

2. Mustard greens
Mustard greens are one of the vegetables that are often found in various stir-fries. Mustard greens are usually sauteed with tofu, sausages, or other vegetables. Mustard greens are also usually used as vegetables accompanying meatballs.

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If you are interested in growing mustard greens hydroponically, simply plant from seed so it only takes 25-30 days to be harvested.

3. Spinach
The vegetables that make Popeye strong are more often cooked with clear vegetables. Some mothers usually add years to the spinach.

Spinach requires cold temperatures to develop properly. Spinach can usually be harvested within 27 days.

4. Kale
This vegetable, which is often used as a side dish in tents to eat catfish pecel or chicken pecel, is indeed much loved by the people of Indonesia.

Kale has a lot of good iron to prevent anemia. Kale harvest period is only 21-25 days from the planting period.

5. Scallions
Leek which has a characteristic smell is widely used as a toppings various foods in Indonesia, such as meatballs, soup, and soup.

Besides being able to reduce cholesterol, leeks also have properties to lower blood sugar levels. If grown hydroponically, chives can be harvested 6-8 weeks in the first harvest, and can be harvested after 3-4 weeks.

6. Celery
Apart from chives, celery is also a plant that is often used as a food supplement. For example, soup or meatballs.

If grown hydroponically, celery can be harvested every 6-7 days after a planting period of 1-1.5 months.

7. Mint
The leaves, which have a distinctive warm and cold aroma, have many health benefits.

Hydroponically grown mint leaves can be harvested after 20-25 days. ()