26 June 2023

Recent STUDY Proves Consistent Sleep Schedule Can Make Longevity, Here’s the Explanation

By Patty

BONSERNEWS.com – Everyone has a different sleep schedule, depending on how busy each of them is.

But it is undeniable that following a consistent sleep schedule will have a good effect on the health of the body.

Even the benefits of maintaining a consistent sleep schedule for health have been proven in recent studies.

According to the Hindustan Times, the new study will be presented at the SLEEP 2023 annual meeting.

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The study emphasizes the need to maintain a consistent sleep schedule to lower the risk of death.

The results of the study emphasize that a person does not only have to get enough sleep every night.

But also maintain a consistent sleep schedule with regular bedtimes and wake times.

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Research shows that adults with a regular sleep schedule and adequate sleep duration have a 39% lower risk of death.

Analyzes controlled for potential confounders such as socio-demographics, lifestyle, health status, and measures of major sleep disturbance.

“Our study found that people who sleep regularly are objectively more likely to outlive people who sleep irregularly regardless of the major sleep disorder,” said lead author Joon Chung.

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