26 June 2023

No need to be confused anymore, now you can overcome mood swings during PMS by following these 7 tips

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – Mood swings is one of the common symptoms that most women experience during premenstrual syndrome or commonly known as PMS.

Although not all women experience mood swings during PMS, but sometimes it can also interfere with daily activities.

For that, the Bonsernews.com Team has summarized some tips that you can try to overcome mood swings during PMS.

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Here are some tips that might later help you in dealing with the condition mood swings when PMS.

1. Try to start monitoring PMS cycles

If you know exactly when PMS usually occurs, of course this can help you to be prepared and anticipate the mood swings that will occur later.

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Therefore, start recording your menstrual cycle every month.

So you can prepare yourself mentally as the PMS period approaches.

If manually recording PMS cycles makes you a little troublesome, you can also download an application that can support these activities.

Because currently such applications are also available in the Play Store or App Store.

2. Be diligent in exercising

Engaging in regular physical activity can help reduce PMS symptoms, including mood swings.