26 June 2023

Following are the benefits of archery for health and according to the advice of the prophet Muhammad SAW, let’s see the reviews

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – Following are the benefits of archery for health, you can consider it as a weekly routine.

This type of exercise recommended by Rasulullah SAW is a sport that requires dexterity, concentration, and also shooting accuracy.

In addition to the need for a very strong physique in order to be able to pull the bowstring, in order to be able to aim at the right target it also requires very high concentration which comes from the ability to control oneself.

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In fact, during the war during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, archery was a ‘power’ that helped Muslims in achieving victory.

The power referred to is included by Allah SWT in his word in the Al-Quran Al-Anfal verse 60, which has the meaning:

“And be prepared to face them (the enemy) with the power you can…”

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The meaning of the ‘power’ contained in the letter was then interpreted by the Prophet, namely:

“Know that what is meant by ‘strength’ is archery, he said those words three times.” (HR. Muslim).

The benefits of archery are obtained from the various movements carried out during practice. Although many people see archery as a sport with minimal movement, in fact this activity can strengthen the upper body muscles to make the heart healthy.

Following are the benefits of practicing archery from various other sources, let’s see the full review:

– Strengthens the Upper Body

The first benefit of archery is that it strengthens the upper body. Archery puts stress on the muscles of both arms as well as the chest, shoulders and back.

Like lifting weights, this pressure will be held for a few seconds before the archer releases his arrow. With repetition, the pressure of pulling and releasing the bowstring strengthens the upper body muscles.

– Healthy Heart, Muscles, and Feet

In a match, archers can walk as far as 8 km while checking the results of their shots.

Even though this walking activity is done in short intervals, the cumulative effect of walking across competitions can improve heart health, muscle strength, and leg strength.

You will get some of the benefits of archery even during practice, as you will be spending a lot of time walking to retrieve arrows.

– Train Focus

The next benefit of archery is training focus. Focus is important to success as an archer, and developing focus can have a positive impact on mental health.

The more focused on the target, the easier it will be for you to clear your mind and aim precisely, both in practice and in matches.

This skill will also help you deal with stressful and pressing situations in life.

– Practicing Patience

Archery or archery also helps train patience. This sport is not really about speed, but the accuracy of the arrows aiming at targets at a fairly long distance. Accuracy takes time and you definitely have to have a lot of patience to maximize the accuracy of the shot.

– Relaxation

When you release an arrow and see it hit the target, you will feel a great relief. The benefits of this one archery sport can help reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed.

Even though it requires a lot of focus and concentration, there is a pleasant feeling when you shoot and always hit the target.

– Train Coordination

The most important coordination in archery is the eyes and hands. Archery trains the hands to work together while performing the different tasks of aiming and shooting an arrow based on what the eye sees.