26 June 2023

Courses for Overcoming Spider Phobias in London

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – Where is the best place to get over your fear of spiders? In the zoo, of course, where there are all kinds of insects like that.

London Zoo recently celebrated 30 years of helping people overcome their fear of spiders.

Are you suffering from arachnophobia or spider phobia?

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Maybe you need to pay a visit to the London Zoo. There, there is a kind of course available that can help overcome the fear of this eight-legged creature.

Dave Clarke is course leader for the Spider-Friendly Program at the London Zoo. He explained that there are a number of reasons why people might have an irrational fear of these tiny insects.

“There are many reasons why people are afraid of spiders. But one of the main ones is because these insects move in really unusual ways. They can suddenly appear indoors in places where you wouldn’t normally see wildlife. other. Insects can move quite fast, “he explained.

A zoo keeper holds a Mexican red knee spider in his hand, during the annual inventory at London's ZSL Zoo, Thursday, January 2, 2020.

A zoo keeper holds a Mexican red knee spider in his hand, during the annual inventory at London’s ZSL Zoo, Thursday, January 2, 2020. (Bonsernews.com/voaindonesia.com/AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

This course does not only invite participants to know and learn about the importance of the existence of these invertebrates. They will also undergo a hypnosis process – a venture the zoo has jointly partnered with the Center of Clinical Hypnosis. In the process, while lying on the floor, the participants would be exposed to hypnotic words designed to allay their fears.

The participants came from all walks of life but had one thing in common, namely a fear of these invertebrates.

The end goal of this course is to help participants carefully catch a spider in the house and release it outside.

“The main thing we try and do with people at the end of our spider courses is encourage them to catch spiders in their homes and then release them. If they can do that, they get a certificate, which means they have passed the course.” . We hope that in many cases we can cure people of their phobias,” he explained.

Over the past 30 years, courses have been attended by more than 5,000 people with arachnophobia. According to Clarke, the success rate is as high as 98 percent.

Clarke explains that the high success rate proves the course is effective. “So it’s very rare that people don’t get good results from these spider-friendly programs. In the first two sessions we ran this year, the results were 100 per cent. It’s fantastic, but we can’t guarantee that a course like this works for everyone because every human being is basically very different, “he said.

The half day course costs around US$190 (Rp 2825347.50) per person. Funds raised from this course are used to fund spider conservation projects. (ab/uh)/Associated Press/voaindonesia.com. ()