26 June 2023

4 Recipes for Chia Seed Infused Water to Get Rid of Toxins in the Body, Try It Right Now!

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – Infused water drinks containing chia seed have many benefits.

Infused water has various benefits, especially for removing toxins in the body.

In the following, we present 4 recipes for chia seed infused water that you must try right now!

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Are infused water drinks just to get rid of toxins? Of course not only that, but to maintain immunity as well.

Here are 4 drink recipes that you must write down and save.

1. Cucumber-Lemon-Mint-Chia Seed

Benefits of Chia Seed Infused Water:

1. High in antioxidants
2. Lower blood pressure
3. Eliminate bad breath
4. Healthy skin
5. Lose weight
6. Prevent diabetes
7. Rich in vitamins

Materials and Manufacturing Method


1. 470 ml of cold water
2. Cucumber slices
3. Lemon wedges
4. 3 mint leaves
5. Chia seeds
6. Honey

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Ways of making: