26 June 2023

How to Grow Hydroponic Celery from Preparation to Start of Harvesting, Suitable for Planting in Narrow Land!

By Patty


BONSERNEWS.com – The use of hydroponic planting is very helpful for planting in narrow areas, such as celery, one of them.

Celery plants can be grown hydroponically and do not require a large area and can be planted in narrow areas.

Being able to plant on narrow land makes many people choose to grow celery hydroponically because it is an important crop.

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Celery plant is a plant that is often used as a cooking ingredient, especially as a spice in the kitchen.

Growing celery in open fields may not be possible for some people who live in urban areas with limited land.

One solution is to grow hydroponic celery.

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Here are some ways to grow hydroponic celery that you can do at home.

Before starting to plant hydroponic celery, make sure you have prepared all the tools and materials needed.

Some of the materials and tools needed include:

– Hydroponic pots

– Hydroponic nutrient solution