26 June 2023

Healthy Education! Recognize 5 Body Fluids that Can Transmit HIV and How It is Transmitted!

By Patty


Bonsernews.com -HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is an infectious virus that attacks the immune system of the sufferer.

HIV transmission is also very easy and until now no medicine has been found to treat this virus.

However, currently ARVs are the most effective therapy for people living with HIV.

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ARV therapy must be carried out for the life of the HIV sufferer.

Isn’t it tiring to have to take ARV drugs for the rest of your life?

Well, it’s better to prevent HIV transmission, right?

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One of the most effective HIV prevention is through education to the public.

Many people are mistaken, most people today are not avoiding HIV and its spread, but instead are avoiding sufferers.

People with HIV are not a group we should avoid.

The virus! Yes, it is the virus and its spread that we must avoid.

So, how is the spread of the HIV virus? Is it spread through the air?

Eits, don’t easily accept hoaxes!